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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Watchmen... ooookayyy...

I missed seeing Watchmen in the theater, so when I saw it available for RedBox Rental, I was overjoyed. Everyone around me said how fantastic a movie it was and how great a comic book adaption too. Nothing but praise from the fans. It’s technically stunning with visual feasts for the eyes and a moral message too. It’s epic, it’s edgy, and it’s smart. It’s everything that I should enjoy in a comic book style movie...

... so why did I not like it?

Well... here’s my breakdown of why I think it didn’t strike a chord with me...

1. None of the characters were likeable. You have to have SOMEONE to root for during a movie, because if none of them are enjoyable then there’s no emotional connection with the audience. Just when I thought I would like a certain character, they did or said something which completely pissed me off. None of them were redeemable.

2. It was overly graphic and violent. I’m sure the reason behind that was because it’s trying to make a commentary on society’s violence at large, but some of the stuff I saw I really didn’t need to see. It was just plain disgusting in it’s graphicness, and it was violent towards animals too (which is an immediate gut dislike reaction.) “If you kill an animal in a movie you’ve automatically lost 50% of your audience” as someone famous once said.

3. It was slow. The overuse of slow motion throughout the entire movie made it feel like it was longer than it actually was. Within the first 15 minutes I was getting bored with it already. I can understand using it from time to time to punctuate important pieces of information... but for almost the entire movie? That’s far too much. When everything is important, nothing is.

4. Lost allegory. The story takes place in a “what if” scenario (an improbable one at that) which didn’t really connect with today’s social feeling. I dunno, this is the hardest one for me to pin down... but the closest I could find to anything relating to today’s news topics was someone mentioning socialism towards the beginning. I guess it just didn’t feel “relevant” to me. Maybe if this was made in the 80's when it was set, it would’ve been... but for today.. I dunno...

So... that’s my verdict. There was a lot of stuff that could’ve been trimmed, edited, cut, and simply not used at all. None of the acting was bad, and the special FX were top notch, and the writing was good and the story was epic. By all rights it should’ve been an awesome movie. But in the end it just left me feeling empty.

I’m not trying to be negative... I just didn’t like it. And I don’t understand why so many comic book people were holding this movie up to such a lofty pillar of accomplishment. It was so-so, and nothing more. Am I alone in this thinking? Am I just overtly cynical? What did you think and do you agree with me?


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