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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unsure what to do with pictures

I’ve noticed that a lot of the times when I make a new picture, I tend to have problems with backgrounds. See, when working on a comic I understand the importance of backgrounds and I do include them in the panels even if I don’t want to draw them... But when I work on just a picture of a character or a fanart or something, I tend to focus on the characters themselves and completely forget about the background until I’m done. Sometimes I get so far into a piece that I actually finish coloring it before I realize the background is missing. I’ve tried fitting in backgrounds digitally, or by whipping something up quickly, but it never really “works” you know what I mean? Unless the picture was started with the background clearly in mind, it’s always hard to fit a background around an already drawn character. The perspective, camera angle, and image constraints are all there and it just makes things more challenging.

So quite often I end up with nicely drawn pictures of characters, with no backgrounds. I’m in such a boat right now. I’ve got several pictures that I’ve done at work the past few days and they’re all of characters in poses... but no backgrounds for them. I feel kinda “cheap” about throwing in a colored square or pattern or something arty like that. I wanna post the pictures, but I don’t wanna post it if it’s not “complete.” I hate having to go back and retouch up a picture once I’ve finished/posted it.

That brings me to my question. What should I do? Should I post them incomplete, or should I post them with a background “of sorts” to fill the negative space, or should I actually work really hard and make up a background to fit each individual picture in excessive detail?


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