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Monday, August 3, 2009

Depeche Mode Concert

I know of Depeche Mode through my girlfriend. It’s one of her favorite bands and this past weekend we got to see them live in Boston. Actually it wasn’t in Boston, but for Londoners like them it’s close enough to consider it so.

We arrived fairly early, bought a coupon for a CD of the show, a T-shirt, a large pretzel, and a beer (which I didn’t drink). We found our seats pretty easily, and we got a very good view of the stage from where we were. We intentionally bought seats on the left side of the stage knowing that Martin Gore would be on that side, and we both like Martin more than Dave.

The band that opened is called Peter Bjorn and John, and they were pretty good... just not exactly the “Depeche Mode” type of music. The people there really didn’t give a crap about them, which made me feel bad because they weren’t awful or anything, just more happy go-lucky. At one point the singer jumped off the stage and ran through the isles singing. My girlfriend stood up to take pictures and since she was the only one standing up he looked at her and smiled, which was cool.

After the opening band we waited for 40 minutes before Depeche Mode finally came on. I’m not as big a fan as my girlfriend is, so there were a couple of songs I had never heard, but for the most part I knew them. They played a lot of their best hits and really got the crowd going strong.

The stage was rather small, as was the outside theater we were at. They had a huge TV like backdrop which displayed either pre-recorded videos for the songs, or used the camera crew there to show the group for all to see. The backdrop also had a round half circle which also was a TV and was kinda part of the larger one behind it, so sometimes there were interchangeable elements going on which was kinda cool.

The crowd got so worked up, they had 3 encores, which seemed to me to be a lot but I guess is pretty normal. Dave really did his best to work up the audience and several times during a couple songs tried to get everyone to sing along. Martin looked stiff as a board from his shyness which was funny and cute to see.

Overall, it was a great show. I just had a few minor problems which were more personal than anything else.

The first problem was the group of 3 people sitting in-front of us. They were SO into EVERYTHING. Even just the temp music playing between the opening band and Depeche Mode, they were grooving to that too. When Depeche Mode finally came on they were almost uncontrollable. They were waving their hands, jumping up and down, and being just downright obnoxious. I mean, I understand it’s a great show and all, but seriously... 3 hours of that? Calm down and let us enjoy the show already.

Also it was really confusing because there was a young girl, a young man, and an old man and I was trying to figure out what the heck their relationship was. The young woman seemed to have come with the old man, but she was dancing and being very provocative and suggestive with the young man AND the old man. I dunno what was going on but it annoyed me a lot. I’m such a prude.

The second problem I had was with the music itself. It was far too loud during the middle songs. It started off just fine and I had no problem with it, but about halfway through someone must’ve ramped up the audio because the bass was just unbearable for me. The concrete floor was shaking like jello and my heart felt weird and several times I had to sit down and cover my hears because of a splitting headache. I’ve never really been to a “rock concert” before so I guess I didn’t understand what I was getting into. Next time I go to one, I’m gonna bring some earplugs so I can enjoy the music without all the trouble.

Aside from that, it was a really good show. We’re trying to order the CD of the concert, and maybe I’ll be able to listen to some of the songs I had to cover my ears for. I did enjoy it, I just didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never been to a concert like this before. I’d upload some pictures too, but my camera had a really hard time focusing and they come out very blurry. Le Sigh...


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