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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Comic Cons

I wish I could go to more comic cons, and more specifically to an Anime con of some kind. But I never know about cons until like a month before they’re about to happen and by then it’s too late. Not to mention flying out, renting cars, hotels, food, gas, the table fee, etc all add up to A LOT of money to spend at one time, which I never have. Nor can I plan very far in advance because I never know what I’m gonna be doing a year from now.

So far, the only comic con which is convenient for me is the Minnesota Comic Book Association’s Comic Con. It’s free for comic artists such as myself to attend. That means I don’t have to pay $150 or more for half of a table. Seats are provided, and there’s even food for us too. Every other comic con I have gone to have not had tables and amenities for free.

I really like going to comic cons too. It’s the one time where it’s ok for me to just geek out over comics/movies/games/art/etc. It’s fun and I get to meet a lot of new and interesting people. I want to go to more of them, but I never have the time or money to attend. There’s a con I’m going to attend in October, but after that I have NO IDEA what I’m gonna do next.

I wish comic conventions would give us artists a bit more of a break and let us attend these things for free or relatively cheap. I mean, we’re the reason people are COMING to the comic cons (well, us and the crazy merchandise) so we should be treated with a little bit more aplomb.

This all came about as I was looking over the list of Anime Cons for the rest of the year and thinking how I can’t attend any of them. I find it interesting that they listed my old college’s Schoolgirls in Mobil Suits class as a “con” when it’s decidedly NOT. If it were, I’d go back there cuz it’s easy to get to.

You know, people always talk about the EVIL of money... but honestly... money makes things SO much easier... If I had the money, I’d be advertising the HELL out of my work, I could attend comic cons and see my family more often, I wouldn’t have to scrape pennies for dinner each day, I’d be stress free from bills, and I could indulge my gaming interests to keep me occupied so I wouldn’t get depressed. I don’t need A LOT of money to be happy... but just a smidgen more would be very helpful...
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  • I figure I'm probably stating the obvious, but it reads to me like all you really need to do to attend more conventions is plan ahead and be realistic as far as your financial situation.

    Where there's a will, there's a way, corny as it sounds, and I'm sure that you've got the smarts to figure out how to make attending a convention work out to your benefit. I'm sure with all the other artists and their blogs out there that you'll find a wealth of ideas on how to get yourself to a con and make the situation work to your advantage.

    By Blogger CA3, At September 6, 2009 at 8:15 PM  

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