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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacation, Book Signing, Wii Sports, and MORE!

Next week I’m gonna be going on a much needed vacation to see my family. Skype helps me keep in touch with them but I just haven’t been able to visit in such a long time. It’s going to be so nice to get away from it all and be with family for a change.

While I’m back home, I’m gonna go see a Depeche Mode concert in Boston. Theoretically we’ve got seats which put us on the Martin Gore side of the stage. Here’s hoping... *crosses fingers*

Also, I’m gonna be doing a book signing and lecture at my local library for junior and high school kids. Maybe I can pass on some of my experience and wisdom to them, although I have a feeling it’s simply going to devolve into a geek-out session about comics books and manga. Lol. Not that that’s a bad thing mind you...

I was apprehensive about going on this trip because it’s for such a long time and I don’t want to leave my cat all alone with no food (timed dispensers are far too pricy for me right now), but one of my girlfriend’s coworkers is nice enough to come over and look after him while we’re gone. Yay.

I wish I could bring my Nintendo Wii (and more specifically Wii Fit) to show to my parents. But they have a strong aversion to Nintendo and anything video game related. They go out and exercise regularly and do workouts and the like, so they can’t see what sort of benefit Wii Fit would have... even for a social phobic individual such as myself. Sigh... I think that if they just TRIED the darn thing, they would really find it interesting and have a lot of FUN with it. But whatever... I’m not lugging that thing through the airport.

I’d really think they’d get a kick out of it if they tried Wii Sports Resort, which is coming out this weekend. I’m planning to buy it when it comes out and have saved a few bucks just for the occasion. It’s kinda annoying that Wii Motion Plus has been out for almost a month now, but the one game which showcases everything it can do hasn’t come out yet. Of course I really wanna try the sword fighting game, and also the paddle boat game. Those look like the most fun. Archery too for that matter. Le sigh... Sunday just can’t get her quick enough...

I showed off my “Best Laid Plans” to my parents and girlfriend and they both didn’t like it. Not so much the story but the ending. And sadly I couldn’t agree more, which depresses me. I’m gonna have to go back and redo the last panel. I think I can modify it to work better with just a few edits, but it’s against my nature to go back in the first place, so I’m really struggling with it.

The next pirate story is gonna be fun, but I need some help. Does anyone speak “britspeak”? I’ve got a character that I want to talk with a heavy British dialect and slang, but I myself am ignorant of how to do that. Whenever I try it sounds more Australian than British. Does anyone know of a website which translates into slang or could help me or could someone volunteer to give me advice?


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