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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Motivation and Vacation

Just because I’m super obsessive compulsive, here’s a couple youtube videos of my Mii playing Wii Sports Resort (actual journal below).

Island Flyover

I’m really enjoying Wii Motion Plus. I wish there were more games out right now which used it, though. Aside from a tennis game and a golf game, there’s really nothing coming out for a while and that’s kinda annoying. Of course I’m even MORE psyched now about the eventual Zelda Wii title since I know how swordfighting and archery will work in the game (or at last a template of how).

I’ve been having a really rough month motivational wise. I just can’t get myself through my work, and it’s really frustrating. I’ve got a 2 part Pirate story planned which I wanna start working on, but I’m gonna be leaving for a mini-vacation in a few days... so I can’t start too much right now. Also, I still haven’t colored in the 2nd Pirate story yet. It’s all inked and scanned and ready and it’s really really REALLY easy to color... so what the heck? Why haven’t I done anything?

I hate feeling unproductive. I’m so used to making tons of work at once that when I have periods like this where I don’t do much at all, I feel really useless and depressed. It’s hard coming out of these spells. I can at least claim the fact that I made a Mario and Link pixel art out of those plastic beads you iron. Remember those? They’re like little colored beads and you line them all up and then iron them and they melt and fuse together to make “art”? Lol. Well I made a Racoon Mario sprite and a Link from the original Legend of Zelda sprite. They’re really cool and it’s kinda neat having these pixelated sprites that I can actually hold in my hands. Lol. I wanna make more now but I used up all the black on Mario... :- (

This is kinda silly, but I really like the fact that in Metroid Zero Mission for the GBA you can go back to Mother Brain’s hideout AFTER you defeat her. I LOVE it when games allow you to free roam like that. I wish I had Metroid Fusion (and another GBA) so I could link the two up. I think you get something if you do that, though I don’t know what. That game has kept me busy at work all this past week and kept me from getting too depressed. I think Metroid works best in 2-D form. I love those games so much more than the FPS “Prime” series.

I’m doing a big book signing in Massachusetts on Saturday. If anyone has some free time and live in Massachusetts, you should definitely come out and say hi! I’ll have more details tomorrow.


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