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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pirates now on!

I’ve been slow posting here. My bad.

It’s taken me close to a month, but I’ve finally finished putting together a new comic book compilation. “The Adventures of Alex Ze Pirate” is now available on! (Links at the bottom)

For the past year I’ve been making Pirate comics and posting them on the internet in-between working on “Formera volume 2.” Since “Formera volume 3" is temporarily delayed, I had some time to put all of the comics I made into a book. Ze Pirate and her motley crew have gained a little bit of a following over the year too. You might’ve seen some of her comics randomly appear on my front page from time to time. The Adventures of Alex Ze Pirate - $19.99 The Adventures of Alex Ze Pirate on - $19.99


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