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Monday, December 8, 2008

Small things that bug me

Ever notice how it’s usually not the big things that piss you off during a day, but the little things? Those small insignificant irregularities that you shouldn’t worry about, but you do anyway? Well here’s a couple of my own recent irritations:

Arlo and Janis
This comic pisses me off whenever I read our newspaper. Out of all the comics I’ve read over the years, this one consistently makes me go “what the ****?” And it’s really a combination of a lot of things. Mostly storytelling failure. When you have only 4 panels to tell your story and have a joke in the end, you have to be as clear and concise as possible. But for some reason, Arlo and Janis always seem to be missing a vital clear clue to help you “get” the joke. Here, take a look at this recent one for example:

Now read that and tell me what happened. I know NOW what the joke is, but I’m curious to see if you guys can get it too. I might hate how the camera in Get Fuzzy breaks the 180 rule all the time, but even then it’s never had an unclear joke. I can still follow it, even when odd things in the drawings occur. But not with Arlo and Janis.

Pokemon on the DS
I just recently beat the game and have finally figured out how to transfer my 495 pokemon from Leaf Green to the DS. Now I have EVERY GOD DAMN POKEMON on Leaf Green (action replay for the win). When you transfer from the GBA to the DS, you can’t go back, so it’s a one way ticket. Imagine my dismay then, when after I started transferring some of my best pokemon from the GBA game, I realized that the DS actually doesn’t have enough ROOM for all the pokemon in the storage banks. Now what kind of ****ed up logic is THAT? A game who’s logo is “Gotta Catch Them All” making it impossible to actually OWN all of them?

And to make matters worse, you can’t transfer pokemon that know an HM move. Why? Why can’t I transfer those? All your pokemon that you use while on your journey in Leaf Green have to have those HMs to make it though the game, and you can’t delete HM moves, so that means that you can’t transfer the pokemon that you actually CARE about. So should I transfer all the pokemon I can? Or should I not? I spent A LOT of time getting all 495+ for the GBA game and it’s nice to know “I have every one pokemon all in one cartridge.” But I can’t do that for the DS game... is it worth it?

So those are a couple of annoyances. Sometimes ya just gotta write these things out and get them out of your system.


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