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Friday, November 7, 2008

Back in Action

Isn’t Craigslist wonderful? Within 24 hours of my other monitor crapping out on me, with the assistance of my girlfriend, I was able to secure a new 17'’ flat screen monitor for a mere $35. Just hooked it up and after a few adjustments to the resolution, I am back in action.

What a crazy week it’s been eh? Comic Con on Sunday, Election on Tuesday, dying computer on Wednesday, and buying new monitor on Friday. The first African-American president along with a severe blow to gay rights activists, coupled with some of the highest percentage of unemployment seen in a century. Wow...

Well I can’t stay and chat but at least I’m back up and running. Although I gotta admit that I was spoiled. This new resolution, although technically is still quite large, feels kinda like I’m looking through a tube or something. Sigh... I liked my wide-screen monitor... oh well...


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