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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back Again

Well I’m back from yet another trip. Sigh... I wonder when I’m going to get some time to work on all these projects which are starting to pile up?

Went to Minneapolis to attend my girlfriend’s nephew’s birthday party. 9 screaming rambunctious kids running around with little to no way of restraining them for 6 hours? Ugh... fun but exhausting.

Tried to rent a Red-Box DVD for the first time ever and I gotta say that I am largely impressed. You’re given till 9pm the next day to return the movie, so if you can watch a movie within 24 hours, Red Box is certainly a cheap alternative to Block-Buster. I was able to rent “Wall-E” and “Forbidden Kingdom” for $2.06! Wow... That would’ve cost me about $10 at Blockbuster since they’re New Releases and they would’ve been only overnight as well. (Also since I don’t think many people use these machines you can find brand-new releases in stock whereas at Blockbuster or Movie Gallery they would be sold out) So yay!

I’ve also gotten some offers from some different places over the weekend too. One place wants to use an image I made in a book, and another ... well I guess I can’t really say too much without knowing for certain yet... so let’s just say... I got some potential art-related offers which might help me in the long run. Lol.

I also don’t think I’m gonna go anywhere to celebrate Thanksgiving. My family is all out in Massachusetts, and with all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, I’m starting to get really sick of going anywhere. Not to mention I’ll be working, probably hard to get the time off, and why bother anyway, as it pays more as a holiday to work. I need the money. Sigh...

Winter depression is starting to set in on me... just gotta keep my chin up and focus on what’s around me rather than what’s unknown ahead of me. Sigh...


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