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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MCBA Fallcon 2008

I wrote all this out as soon as I got home from the convention so it would be fresh in my mind. But somehow during the rebooting process while getting my internet re-connected today, my computer mysteriously deleted this journal, which really pissed me off. I’m gonna try to re-write it again, so please bear with me:

My girlfriend and I flew out on Friday night at 10pm for Minneapolis. We stayed at her dad’s house overnight and first thing in the morning they dropped me off at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds for the convention. The first stumbling block I ran into was that for some mysterious reason they seemed to have lost my name on their register. Apparently going back and fourth between PC and MAC computers caused some problems for them. But it was easily remedied, and soon I was off to my table.

The Lupus foundation was one of the sponsors of this convention and unfortunately for me I got wedged between two Lupus tables. The other guy at my table probably didn’t expect anyone to be sitting with him, because he spread out and was using most of the space, and on my right was the actual donation table. So between the two, I was so tightly squeezed in that I barely had enough room to put my elbows up. Not to mention the fact that I was situated between these two charitable things, probably made it harder for me to get customers or people to come up and say Hi.

It wasn’t all bad though. My table was set right beside the “fortress of solitude” or the “break room” if you will. Inside they had cakes, chips, soda, coffee, salads, sandwiches, and tons of sitting places in case the craziness outside ever got to us. It was also one of the places where people in costumes changed into other costumes, so frequently you would see people in there putting on their makeup.

My table was also right next to Peter Gross and Barbara Shultz, two of my former MCAD comic professors and professionals in their own right. So it was nice to be able to reconnect with some of the people from MCAD there.

There were a lot of people in costumes at this convention, and unlike most conventions, some of these costumes were pretty damn GOOD. I took pictures of them to pass the time away in my little niche.

The first day was pretty boring really. The chairs were uncomfortable and my squished area attracted little attention. I think people attend the first day at a comic book convention to snatch up all the comics and action figures they can find, then on the second day they’re a bit more relaxed and willing to chat.

I sold a few drawings (one really elaborate one of Samus fighting Ridley from Metroid), and sold a few books too, but nothing substantial. And so few people came up to say Hi, that by the end of the day I was feeling pretty depressed.

The next day was raining, and I arrived so early they had not yet opened the doors for us, forcing me to take refuge under a stair well. Once inside, I quickly made my way to my table and set up my area before the other guy showed up. I was able to spread out and actually occupy more than 1/4th of a table to a full fledged ½ of a table! Believe it or not, but I think it made a difference!

The second day went a lot better. I got to talk to more people, and I got to sell more books. I met more people from MCAD, including Marvelous Patrick and Tyler Page. There were more people in costumes, and better food this time around too. I was also interviewed for a PodCast online, though I am nervous about it.

The auction for the art cards was on the 2nd day too, so that was fun to watch as people dug their hands into a large tub and took away with them one of the sketches that we all contributed too. Somewhere out there, 5 people have my pirate sketch cards...

I am not fond of Star Wars really, but I have to give props to “The Force” cosplay group. They had some really intricate and elaborate costumes from Star Wars that they made all on their own. It was particularly hilarious when a guy in a storm trooper outfit would stand perfectly motionless along side mannequins, and when someone would come up to them he would jump out, scaring the crap out of them! The days were punctuated with little bleeps of screams of this sort.

As well as the 2nd day was going, I sadly had to cut it short. I wanted to get home as soon as possible and the prospect of having to wait until 3pm the following day, while my girlfriend was already home, depressed me. So I packed up and left early to take the 3pm flight home. I got the last seat, and it was a little tight getting in, but I made it home, safe and sound!


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