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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Longest Day

I am sooooo tired. I hope to sleep in tomorrow, but I gotta work, so I doubt it...

Last night I flew in to New York City’s LaGuardia Airport. I took a shuttle over to the hotel my parents had reserved for the night, only to find out that they wouldn’t let me stay without my dad’s credit card. Half and hour and a fax later, I was given a room where I settled in for bed.

But I didn’t get much sleep. I had a train to catch. At 6am. Meaning I had to wake up at 5am. Did I mention I got into the hotel at midnight? Yeah... I got no sleep...

I called a taxi and got dropped off at Grand Central Station, picked up a ticket, and was on the platform waiting for my train... 45 minutes early. Damn it... I could’ve slept in...

I took the train north out of the city, to some place along the Hudson river called Pookipsie or something where I got off and met the publisher.

She drove me through the town, giving me lots of details about FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) who apparently use to live out there, and finally we arrived at her home tucked away in the woods with a nice view of the lake.

We ate a nice breakfast (eggs, tea, and toast, with fresh picked berries) and then got down to business. I had brought along my book “Formera” and “Andy’s Hat” and some of my portfolio work. This was a children’s book publicist, so she wasn’t so much interested in my cartoony, anime, graphic novel stuff (which sadly made up the bulk of my work). But she WAS impressed with some of my paintings such as “Red Riding Hood” “The Professor” “One Girl in all the World” and “Home for a Rest.”

She seems to think that I have the talent to go far, I just need to reign it in a bit. Right now I am kinda all over the board (which is very true, I do everything from Nintendo fanart and stupid comics to serious paintings and illustrations, to animation, 3-D, video games etc...). She wants me to try and do a few full page illustrations you would see in a children’s book, with lots of detail and a much more... sweet tone to them. No violence, No Drama, No Anime (or ninja crap). Just sweet wholesome emotional energy that everyone can identify with. And I think that’s a worthy goal.

I gave her those pictures so she could use them if she wanted, and let her keep the books too. My goal now is to try and make some more children’s book style artwork, which I think I can do. There’s a possibility I might be able to do some jackets for pre-adolescent books, which would be awesome. All in all, it was a really good meeting and despite how tired I was, I am glad I went. I can’t wait to try some of the stuff she suggested and to get back to work drawing.

After our meeting she dropped me off at the train and I just barely had enough time to get back on. However, we talked too late and as a result, I missed my first plane back to Milwaukee. Instead of hiring a cab (which would’ve cost $$$ and gotten me just in time to miss the flight) I took the bus to the airport. It was much more leisurely like and I got to behold New York a bit more. Even still, I had a good 3 hours of waiting at the airport before I finally got on the plane.

So since about 7pm last night until right now, I have had nearly no sleep at all, and have been all over the place. I am tired, jet-lagged, and exhausted from stress. I am going to go to bed now.


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