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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Art is suppose to create controversy

So, I just thought I would talk about a few things to wrap up some loose ends. The first is my Obama picture. I sent the picture to my parents, who thought it was great. They printed it out and took some copies with them and lo-and-behold they ran into someone who is close personal friends with Joe Biden. She was given a copy and there’s a slim chance that Joe will get to see it, and if Joe gets to see it Obama might just get to see it too. So that’s pretty cool, although I will be immensely embarrassed if Obama DOES get to see it. Lol

Since posting that picture I have gotten 3 types of responses. Ones in support of Obama and think the picture is great. Ones who aren’t supportive of Obama and think it sucks. And ones in which they want to kill me. Seriously that last one surprised the heck out of me. Here’s just a sample of some of the hate responses I have gotten since I posted the Obama picture online:

“He's a musliam. he's up to something. I have feeling he's working with Osama Bin Laden with something. But the Goverment might kill him just like JFK
I don't know why everyone wants to vote for him because they think Obama is 100% black. Obama is half white and black and brought up in the life of a musliam world.
de ja vu of 9/11 anyone?????? “

“I'll fucking rip your head off. FUCK THAT TOWEL HEAD “

“FUCK YOU SAND NIGGER LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people like you who who the world trade center bombed. I hope you rot in hell. America is for IN GOD WE TRUST not no fucking Mahuma.”

“You don't know any fucking real fucks your belives are wrong and twisted. Fuck you mother fucking redneck, farmboy. I hope you get shot. “

So yeah...

I really did think we were a LITTLE more civilized than that, but apparently I was wrong. It’s sad really, and kind of scary, that there are some people in the world who are like this.

Since I’ve posted journals showing my support of Obama, many have tried to persuade me to vote for McCain instead or at the very least, give reasons why Obama sucks. That’s natural and I expect that. But let me just outline a few things which I agree on that Obama is offering.

Obama, in the last presidential debate, wants to help our economy by creating more jobs here. One of the ways to do that would be to get rid of the tax break companies get for doing stuff overseas, and give them a tax break if they do it here in America. That would encourage companies to stop sending all their work overseas, which affects ME personally in a big way.

When I graduated from College in 2004, I had a BFA in classical 2-D Animation. That was right when the 2-D animation industry crashed and Disney fired all their animators in favor of doing their 2-D work overseas. Because Disney did it, other companies started to do it too, until there was practically nothing left for me to even try. I’m too young and inexperienced to get a job at Disney, but this crash made it so that there weren’t ANY jobs available to me. I struggled for a good 3 years trying to find something before settling down on my Comics instead. I am a true-blue animator at heart though, and if I was given the opportunity I would LOVE to go back to animating. What Obama is suggesting would stimulate the animation industry in that we would want to hire people here in America... and if there’s a chance for that to happen, I want in. McCain is not proposing anything of the sort.

There are other things I agree with. I agree with his decision on abortion. Now I honestly don’t know how I feel about abortion, as I CAN see both sides to the issue. But people are going to get them whether I like it or not, and whether it’s outlawed by the government or not. If someone wants to get an abortion, it’s not up to me to tell them they can or can’t, that’s their own personal problem. BUT... I do think that we should keep it legalized because if someone DOES choose to get an Abortion, I would rather a doctor, who is capable of what they’re, doing handle it. Obama wants to keep it legal, McCain wants to take it away (which in fact would put MORE people at risk). So I agree with Obama. (Also, if you’re gonna give me that pro-life crap, you better not be eating hamburger or cheese or chicken or anything that comes from another animal cuz otherwise you are not “pro-life”).

I’m not going to go further into detail on anything because I really do hate politics and I hate the inevitable flame wars that ensue whenever anyone tries to express their own opinion. And seriously... just because I believe some certain things, doesn’t make me a bad person nor should I be receiving death-threats over a stupid cartoon. Heaven forbid I be allowed to say something personal in MY JOURNAL. What a concept.

Sigh... anyway... yeah... those are a few reasons. My mind is kinda shot right now, so forgive me if I didn’t put any of that eloquently. I am going on an overnight trip to New York City tonight and I am a little nervous. I’ve only ever been there 3 times before and this will be the first time by myself. I hope it goes Ok...


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