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Friday, September 26, 2008

Preparations for Moving

In 2 days, I will be moving to a cheaper apartment. It’s about dang time!

We’ve transferred the electric bill, rented a truck, arranged pickup times for the keys, arranged walk-through times for our old place, paid off bills, etc...

Out of all the moves, this has to be the one in which I worry the LEAST about money, oddly enough considering that I am deplorably negative in my account. We’ve boxed a lot of stuff up, but for the most part we’ve been pretty slack in packing. I think that since the new place is so close, and most of the stuff we have was never unpacked in the first place, we’re planning to just move everything without much packing at all. I hope it works... we only have 2 days for the truck, and the 3rd day has to be spent in cleaning this pig-stye up. Lol.

I haven’t been working on much on purpose. I don’t want to spend all day drawing at my job, and then come home and color and post online obsessively when I should be packing for the move. So I won’t be working on anything until after this whole thing is finished.

I have no idea if I am going to be back online. We’ve arranged to get our internet setup on the 29th, but who knows when we’ll actually GET it. Then almost immediately after the move I have the Minnesota Comic Con the following weekend. So I guess this might be one of my last journal posts for a couple weeks.

I’ve been making up folders for the comic convention, showcasing my art. Hopefully at the last minute I’ll be able to buy a portfolio for my larger comic art... sigh... so much to do in so little time...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mega Man 9 + Sick

It’s day 3 into my sickness. I started with just losing my voice, but today I started getting the shakes, sweating profusely, and feeling very very cold, along with the usual aches and pains of my joints. I’ve taken some medicine, and I feel better now, but this seriously couldn’t have come at a worse possible time. We have less than 1 week now to pack everything up for the move and on my ONLY two days off from work, I’m sick on the couch unable to do much at all.

The good news, however, is that Mega Man 9 was released today, so while I am unable to really do much, I can still play video games to pass the time. I just want to say right now that Mega Man 9 on the Wii is pure 80's fun! This game is HARD as HELL and after an hours playing I have only been able to beat 2 of the 8 bosses.

Thank you capcom for including a “save” feature and for including a shop which allows you to purchase E tanks. I’ve been able to muscle my way through most of the levels due to the fact that I have so many E tanks in reserve. Heh.

I loved the old school Mega Man games, and this is like a fan-service-shout-out to all of us retro 80's gaming fanatics. I really really hope that this game does well to justify more sequels in this style of gaming. I would love to see a Mega Man 10 or 11 in NES style graphics too. Or better yet, a 8-bit or 16-bit sequel to a game series that never really made the jump beyond the SNES, like Adventure Island. Or a totally new game in 8-bit graphics! I tell ya, the potential is limitless now.

Anyone else been playing this game yet? And if so... what do you think and how far along are you?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What’s New?

Aside from Super Mario RPG finally getting a Virtual Console release? Not much...

I have begun working on translating “The Exploits of Arsene Lupin” into a comic book. I have written 17 pages so far of the first chapter. I want 25 pages, but I’m not fixed on page length with this story, so I can go for as long or as short as needed. I am aiming for 25, but it’s ok if I’m off. So far it’s coming along nicely, although there is most certainly going to be a lot of reference research needed for it and I’m going to have to start tightening up my art before I get started on the inking process. Many of the panels are actually empty right now, mostly because I am just trying to fit the text from the book into the appropriate panels, so that the flow is not interrupted.

I think in the end this is going to help improve my art and better prepare me for what I have planned for Formera Book 5 (if I ever get around to getting that far in the series).

Speaking of Formera, my Banner (which I posted here last week) is coming along nicely. My aunt is getting it printed up and we’ve been able to see a full sized “test” page. It’s gonna be GINORMOUS! And it looks AWESOME! I’m sure this will help attract attention at the next comic con!

Oh yeah. The October Comic Con is coming up fast, but that’s not the only one I’m going to. There’s a Boston Comic con coming up, and one in New York in 2009. I don’t have too many details yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to keep you all informed.

I’ve also been encouraged by many people at the GameTrailers forums to continue to do Danny and Spot comics. The people in the Wii forums are not as objectionable as the ones in the general section. Curiously enough, Malstrom (who is a prominent anti-hardcore and pro Wii character) has one of my Danny comics up on his page. Lol. If you’re curious take a peek. Read some of his articles too... they’re LONG but they’re worth it.