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Sunday, August 3, 2008

WiiFit - 1 week update

So I’ve had WiiFit for officially one week and I’ve been working with it every single day. I set a goal when I started the game to loose 10 .lbs in the span of 2 months. I felt it was a relatively realistic goal.

Today I beat my goal.

I have actually lost 10 .lbs in the span of 1 week! Of course it’s not entirely WiiFit which did it. Part of it I think goes to the elliptical machine which I worked out on every day while my Mii was “jogging in place.”

So there you have it... I’ve lost 10 .lbs. I’m still considered “obese” by the game’s standards, but I’ve set my next goal to loose another 10 .lbs in 2 months time. Hopefully, If I keep at this, I just might get under “obese” and into “overweight.” LOL.

So hardcore gamers can kiss my ass. This game rocks and it’s helping me get in shape. No FPS is gonna do that for me.

PS: I’ve also found that the Yoga workouts help me regulate my breathing, which in turns helps me sleep better at night. Score another one for Nintendo.


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