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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rough Times

Bills are piling up. Deadlines are drawing near. Sleep is almost non-existent. This is turning out to be a really shitty month for me.

I’ll be moving to a cheaper apartment at the end of next month. But for some crazy reason, everything seems to be due THIS month. I got an outrageous electric bill which if I don’t pay 2 days ago, they’ll cut my power off. I got loan payments that are automatically deducted from bank accounts that are negative. I got car problems. I got work problems. I got sleep problems.

To pay just the electric bill alone... I am selling off nearly my entire DVD collection. Anything which isn’t a special ED DVD or a import is being sold. Sadly I’ll probably only get $25 bucks for selling close to 100 DVD’s. Sigh...

This month fucking sucks.

On the plus side... I’m almost caught with my book. I’m halfway through coloring chapter 7 and I’ve almost finished inking chapter 9. If I can finish those by the end of next week I’ll be doing good. But if I loose power... who knows when I’ll finish.

I’m gonna put my “real life” comics on hold for a while. As much as they are fun to do and allow me to take breaks while coloring Formera... I’m just really starting to run out of time.

I can’t wait for this month to end, cuz I’ll have so much free time to draw and do whatever I want!


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