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Sunday, July 27, 2008


So it’s taken me a tad longer than most to finally take the plunge and buy this game. $80+ is a little steep for a video game and that was my one reason for avoiding it. However, with a little extra in my pockets this week, I was able to find a used copy at a local GameStop and thus finally committed myself.

First of all, to all those “hard core” gamers out there who scoff at this game as being casual and not as “deep” as their beloved shoot-em-ups... this games is actually remarkably difficult. Who would have ever thought that trying to maintain your balance could be so challenging? It may LOOK like you’re not doing much on that board, but inside your mind you are struggling to get all your muscles to stay in a perfect formation. It’s one of those games where you can honestly say “it’s a LOT harder than it LOOKS.”

The WiiFit board is not merely a fancy scale, but in fact a remarkably sensitive and amazing piece of design. It can measure from 4 different points allowing the game to be able to accurately read not JUST how much pressure you’re putting on it, but WHERE that pressure is being applied to.

Now, some people may not WANT to do exercises or Yoga, but I gotta say that after 30 minutes of this game I was working up a sweat (which only goes to show how out of shape I really am). The yoga was like doing a personal one-on-one session. The trainer will tell you how to pose, and WHY you’re posing, and then you mimic it along with the trainer. It’s a very healthy regiment they have and the on screen visual prompts help you keep breathing correctly and staying focused. It’s a great way to get someone not use to Yoga to give it a try.

Of course Yoga isn’t ALL it can do. You can set goals for how much weight you want to loose over a certain amount of time (which of course the game indicates that WiiFit alone will not loose weight and that by watching what you eat will help lol), you can do strength exercises, compare how you are doing with friends and family, and then there are the GAMES.

Using the WiiFit board for games is a lot of fun. As with WiiSports, WiiFit has a few games which are more or less introductory ideas that other more experienced developers will hopefully latch onto and utilize. There’s a jogging game (incidentally the only game which doesn’t use the WiiFit board) in which you put the WiiMote into your back pocket and jog in place. Depending on how hard/fast you jog, the faster your Mii will run in the park through some rather nice scenery. That one certainly works up a sweat.

Then there’s a couple skiing games which obviously was a precursor to WiiSki. There’s a table-tilt game in which you have to navigate different balls to a goal by shifting your weight to move the table (something I’m sure a new Super Monkey Ball will eventually employ), and there’s a hoola-hoop game where by swinging your butt around you catch more and more hoola-hoops.

All of the games are fun and well crafted, much like the games on WiiSports. Since I’m rather overweight (according to the game) I intend to stick with it and see how, by “training” each day and by watching what I eat, much weight I will actually loose. I know this is not meant to be a supplement to an ACTUAL workout... but it certainly is making the idea of working out a lot more fun. I am not sorry I bought this game and I can’t wait to see what else Nintendo comes up with.


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