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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Public Domain Books?

So an idea I have been throwing around lately is to illustrate some children’s books. Of course to publish a completely new book from scratch is a little daunting for someone who’s only gotten ONE book published before. Then I started thinking about books which are not copyrighted...

Public Domain books are quite plentiful. They are books which have stood the test of time and are readily available on the internet to download. Some of the more common and famous books that are now public domain include the works of “Sherlock Holmes,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Beowulf,” “Huck Finn,” “Tom Sawyer,” “Treasure Island” and many other famous stories.

It might be a fun idea to illustrate some pictures for a more well known story. The only problem is... most of the stories are from the turn of the century and the old English is sometimes a turn off. None of them really “appeal” to kids or teens today and at best I would probably sell about 5 or 6 copies to my closest friends...

On the other hand, it certainly would give me experience working on illustrations for other people... And it would help me understand the printed book format better, which in turn would help me in choosing the appropriate moments to illustrate.

I’m unsure about what to do. Just out of curiosity, what old books have any of you read that you would recommend? Perhaps seeing what other people like to read might help me gauge what would be a better sell.

Then of course there was the CRAZY idea that instead of just illustrating these stories... I do them COMPLETELY as a graphic novel from start to finish. Of course this gives me undo amounts of insane work, especially with my Formera Book already taking up too much of my time. But again, it was a thought which crossed my mind.

So to the community... what do you all think? Should I illustrate a famous story? If so, what would you like to see?


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