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Saturday, July 19, 2008


I’ve been having trouble getting back into the “zone” to work on my Formera book since I got back from Massachusetts. So one of the ways I tried to help get me interested in working on it again was to make a mock-up of the book.

I went out to Office Max and bought a black 3-ring binder and some transparent sheets to hold the artwork in. Then while I was at work I went through page by page and laid out the book exactly how I would be seeing it if it were done. This has proved to be enormously helpful because now I can flip through my inked artwork and see how my layout choices worked and how the story flows.

I’ve discovered that if I want to have something shocking happen, I should probably draw it on an even numbered page. This is because the first page of a chapter is always on an odd (or right) side and the even pages are on the left. So you want to have the suspense lead up to the end of the right side, then when you flip the page on the left is the shocking event. It’s a simple thing, but one you don’t really notice when you’re making pages individually and not considering the overall layout.

I was motivated enough to ink the borders of chapter 6 last night too. Now all I gotta do is the art inside, and that I should be able to finish tonight or tomorrow. If I keep this up, I should be able to whip through the last few chapters of this book relatively easily.

I’m even thinking of taking this mock-up book one step farther... and to print out the colored pages. Because I do not have a printer, I was thinking about doing this at Walgreens as photos. Send all the artwork as photos and have them printed up at about 4x5 (which is only a tad smaller than the actual Manga Sized book will be) and then put them into a small photo album so I can see the “finished” book before it comes back from the press. At about .10 cents a page and 168 pages, that comes to $16.80 which is far from expensive. Best of all, it could be done in as little as 2 hours lol.

But before I go that far, I gotta finish the damn thing and get all the pages colored, so this will take while.

Here’s some more good news though. I went into Borders Bookstores in downtown Milwaukee yesterday and asked the help desk if they would be willing to put my book Formera in their Manga section. The store manager came out to talk to me and it ended up with him taking down my information and saying that he will try to get some copies in the store. So hip-hip hooray! My books will be on sale in downtown Milwaukee’s Border Bookstore!

One small step...


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