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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Legend of Zelda Nintendo Power Comic Saga

When I was growing up I loved Nintendo Power. Remember, we didn’t have the internet then, and if we did it was only like 2k per second so it took FOREVER to do anything and connections were lost easily. So the only way you enjoy Nintendo and Nintendo related information was through Nintendo Power. It was an awesome magazine, but then when Issue 32 rolled around... something changed...

Inside the magazine there ran, side by side, a Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past comic and a Super Mario World comic. Both of these were tremendous influenced on my artistic style and they ran for a good 12 months before concluding.

Then, after they were done, they bound them all together and made Mario and Zelda comic compilation books. I eagerly snatched both of them up and I cherished them both very dearly.

But then in college I made friends with this one girl. She was a bit nutty (having multiple personalities) and as a friend I let her borrow a lot of things: 3 Harry Potter books, a white loose shirt I bought at a Renaissance Festival, and sadly... my Legend of Zelda comic book.

The longer we were friends, the worse it became. And the day that she threatened my girlfriend was the day that I cut all ties with her. It wasn’t until a few months later that I finally remembered that SHE still had my Zelda comic book compilation.

Today, I had some extra money, so I thought I would treat myself to a little something and re-buy the comic for my collection. I called Nintendo directly (which is how i got it the first time) and asked if they still had it. (BTW: the “on-hold” music for Nintendo is Link galloping into the sunset.) They didn’t have any more copies.

So I tried and found it right away.... for $92. Since I was only expecting to pay about $20... that was a bit of a shock for me. I searched eBay and found it for $6. I bid on it, and was promptly outbid. We kept at it till it got to about $30 and I realized it was futile.

I’ve searched and I’ve searched but I cannot find this book anywhere. It’s extremely rare and it upsets me greatly that someone has my book that I’ll never see again.

Now someone WAS nice enough to scan in every single page and post it all online, and You can download it all as a PDF and junk... but dang-nabbit... I want the BOOK. I want to be able to HOLD it in my HANDS! You can’t do that with a PDF. It’s not the same. And I can’t print it out either since the resolution isn’t that great either.

So here I am now, rather depressed that this book will never again pass before me. I can’t spend $92 on a comic book that’s only about 100 pages in length. I’m a little angry at my ex-friend who stole it (even more so knowing that if we ever DID meet again, she probably wouldn’t believe that I let her borrow it and somehow thought that SHE bought it, which is exactly what happened when I tried to get my Harry Potter books back). Sigh...


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