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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fatal Errors Suck

You would think that I would have learned by now to save more often, especially as someone who has grown up with Windows and Dos, which were both prone to crashing a lot. But sometimes, when you’re in the middle of working on an artwork, you don’t want to take the time to stop and save... you’re too “into-the-moment” as it were, and stopping to save would pull you out. This is even more true on my computer where stopping to save means a 15 minute intermission from whatever it was I was working on.

Needless to say, I had just finished coloring an illustration and was just about to put ONE more layer on (the color layer which unifies all of the hues) when I got a fatal error message and PFFT: Photoshop crashed.

I had not saved ONCE.

So now it’s back to the black and white lineart that I started with... At least now I know what to do and I can probably whip out another color version pretty fast since there’s no uncertainty anymore. But even still... it’s frustrating and there’s no one to blame but myself for being stupid enough NOT to save somewhere along the way...


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