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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight - Spoilers -

The first thing I’m gonna say is that this movie is fucking AWESOME. This is, by far, the BEST comic-to-screen adaption I’ve ever seen. THIS is the way Superhero movies are suppose to be done. X-Men and SpiderMan tried to be “more serious” but The Dark Knight blows them all out of the water.

I really do not want to spoil anything for anyone, but it’s hard to talk about this sort of movie without revealing much, so I’m gonna try to not spoil anything but I can’t guarantee it.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, on to the main event. Heath Ledger as the Joker was just awesome. It’s really even more disheartening to know that Heath is dead and that we’ll never get to see him play the Joker again. His interpretation of the Joker was just such a joy to watch on the screen, but always in the back of your mind is “I’ll never get to another performance like this again.” He made the character come alive like no other, and you almost can’t wait to see another scene with him in it, because you know he’s gonna steal the show.

That being said, he’s not the only great thing about this movie. One of the things that struck me right away was the fact that I actually care about Batman himself. Usually with super hero films you don’t really give a shit about he hero cuz you know he’s gonna live and make it through to the end. But this time around they’ve made not only Batman interesting, but Bruce Wayne interesting too. They’ve given him more to think about, more emotion to deal with, and that just makes him all the more interesting. If you don’t give the hero a choice, there’s no suspense and that’s something the other batman movies lacked... he’s just batman, we don’t really see him MAKING those choices to be batman. He just IS. So to see that happening here was very refreshing and it helped the movie overall.

Now, I’ve always been suspicious about having 2 villains in a superhero movie. Perhaps that stems from the original batman movies in which super villains teamed up to stop batman and they kept adding more and more and more as the movies went on. Technically speaking this movie has 3 villains, and it’s none the worse for the wear. It all flows seamlessly together and it’s done far more convincingly. The only regrettable thing is that if there is a 3rd movie, we will not be able to see the Joker at all.

Looking at the movie in terms of a film maker, I honestly can’t find anything to nitpick. My only beef was that the pounding soundtrack sometimes was so loud it was a strain to hear some of the dialogue, but I know that was just the theater we were in and not a problem of the film making. I liked the way they edited the movie, although I was beginning to notice they kept doing the same “tricks” throughout the film (having 2 or even 3 separate storylines inter-cutting with each other to build suspense.) That’s not a bad thing, after all the comics are done that way too. But for a 2 and a half hour movie you can start to realize it towards the end.

All in all... this movie ROCKED. I can’t stress that enough. If you haven’t seen it, go see it on the big screen. It’s WORTH it.


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