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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well I just got back from my trip home to Massachusetts. It made me realize how much I hate Milwaukee and by the end of the trip I really didn’t want to get on that plane and fly back here. Oh well.

I saw a lot of really awesome artwork, including some original “Winnie the pooh” drawings that were used in the first Winnie the Pooh book. I got to meet some famous people too, saw an awesome presentation on how a book was made from concept to final product, and met a childhood friend.

I learned that I had a bit of a positive impact upon his life and it was my love of drawing Nintendo characters which prompted them to look at art and think about becoming an artist too. We hadn’t spoken in a good 15-18 years, so it was cool to see that I had such an impact on someone from that early of an age.

I saw a lot of interesting things which have inspired me to use for Formera, took a lot of reference photos, and generally had a great time. I miss my family and I miss being able to go home.


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