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Monday, November 26, 2007

Link Plays Wii Sports!

I was bored the other day and watching my DVD of "The Legend of Zelda." For those of you who don’t know, back in the late 80's there was the "Super Mario Bros. Super Show" and every Friday they would air a "Legend of Zelda" episode. Only 13 were ever made. While it doesn’t resemble how Link is now, and many kids might be annoyed by Link’s perverted jerky manners, there is a certain charm about it and it got me thinking that I’d like to see this version of Link again sometime.

So then I thought... well... what could Link do? I’ve watched all the episodes so many times both as a kid as now as an adult that I know nearly all the dialogue from the show. Rackin’ my brain I came up with three different possibilities. The first two weren’t possible because of background noises or music which, when edited, sounded weird. But the final choice was perfect. He says his lines with no background music what-so-ever.

Then I went about using my girlfriend’s digital camera to record the video files. They were a little cumbersome because of their small size and occasionally they dropped frames. From that I sketched out Link and animated him. I wanted to keep his animation far from smooth and make it look like he just came out of the cartoon. His face is really difficult to get right though, so this is more or less MY version of him.

I had to go through frame by frame for the first shot of link and make a black and white mask of my body so I could put link behind me. That was tricky and took a lot of patience (which I don’t have much of) but it yielded some excellent results.

I didn’t really have an ending, but unexpectedly I got some good reactions and that sufficed for an ending. The Wii was taken with a digital camera and then erased from the scene (because I didn’t have a tripod to hold the camera steady). A few finishing touches to the animation to make it blend in better (blurring, color correction and the like) and finally add in a few old-school Zelda Sound FX and Ta-DA!!! Link from the old 80's cartoon is sittin’ in my living room playing Wii Sports!

I really miss that show. It was one of the shows that defined my artistic style and was a big influence on me as a kid. And I’ll miss the days when Link was brown/black haired instead of this pretty boy blond he is now. Oh well... as an artist I can at least draw him the way I remember him and hopefully not incur the wrath of Zelda fans.



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